Parking Bargains Terms & Conditions

1.Airport Parking Booking

1.1 Parking Bargians will automaticaly email you booking confirmation for your chosen airport parking option on completion of your booking, incase you do not get it after couple of hours of booking please call on 07916158893 or request via email by sending your booking reference to

1.2 No refunds available to no shows or uninformed cancellations or when your parking is about to start in next 24 hours.

1.3 It is customer's responsibility to ensure to have clear directions for the car park and meet and greet you booked for we will email all necessary informaiton in booking confirmation.

1.4 You need to have your booking reference on you while you are dropping the car it will help service providers to find you easily.

1.5 Parking Bargains is an agent only for the advertised and featured airport parking service providers. Your contract will be with the service provider and you will also be subject to their terms and conditions. Every company may contain exemption clauses and limit liability full details can be requested from service provider.

1.6 Service providers are responsible where a negligance act is proven. No claims are accepted once you have collected your vehicle and have left the car park.

2. Complaints

2.1 Write us an email with the problem explanation and add as much iformation as much it is possible.

2.2 A reply will be given within 7 working days upon recipt of complain.

2.3 If we can not get back to you on time we will proceed furthor.

2.4 All kinds of Airport parking is subject to the terms and conditons of the every srvice provider and as a customer you accept you will claims all your losses and damages direct from service provider insurance and report the issue while collection your vehicle.

2.5 Parking bargains is not responsible at all once you drop the vehicle with service provider , while car is with service provider or when you are collecting it back.

2.6 Parking bargains offer no warranty as to protection of safety of cars left in the parking premises of any valuables left within the vehicles. You are reminded that your own vehicle inusrance policies must be utilised in order to make any claim of loss or damage happens while the vehicle is parked in car park of service provider and is not directly fault of service provider.

2.7 Any damage or fault must be notified on collection of your car. After once you got the vehicle back no claims are acceptable what so ever.

2.8 You must bring a vehicle which is leagle to drive e.g. tyres must be leagle, insurance, mot and road tax otherwise your booking will be cancelled and no refund will be issued.

2.9 Service provider does not accept any liability for mechanical , structural or electrical faults for any part of the car .

2.10 Service providers are instructed to take only single key of your car no other keys should be given to driver e.g ( house keys, office keys or any other car key.

2.11 All complaints regarding service provision must be emailed within 24hours of your arrival in uk other complaints will not be considered.

2.12 If you are having any issue call straight away on service provider number and inform them.

2.13 If you do not raise your complain on collection of your car it will be difficult to pursue a complain.

3. Parking Bargains Cancellation Policy

3.1 All cancelation must be made directly at in order to be considered (not with any service provider) or call 07916158893 between (Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm)

3.2 Cancellation can only be processed during office hours
(see 3.2) and it should be done 24 hours prior to start parking time.

3.3 Unused days or unused booking will not be refunded.

3.4 Booking fee, text confirmation and insurance covers are non-refundable.

3.5 Non-flex bookings can not be amended or cancelled.

3.6 If you cancel in last 24hours of booking time starting you will not be entitled to a refund.

3.7 If you cancel booking before 24 hours of your parking time, one off 15.00GBP admin fee will be charged and rest will be refunded.

3.8 once cancelled and re-instated booking are subject to no refund on cancellation at 2nd time.

3.9 Amendments of arrival date to any new future arrival date, where an amendment is requested on drop off /arrival day or within 24 hours prior to arrival date of the original booking. Such modified bookings cannot be amended and are non-refundable, if cancelled thereafter

4. liabilty limitation

4.1 these terms and conditions apply only bookings made directly on

4.2 Parking bargains acts as an agent only for different service providers and itself is not a service provider.

4.3 the customer will be in a contracty with the car park and will adhere their terms and conditons. Full T&C's of car park can be requested at dropp off.

4.4 As a booking agent will only be responsible for losees directly related to booking processes.

4.5 any claims regarding delivery of the airprot parking services must be made against the airport parking provider and mudt subject to car park's T&C's.

4.6 The total liablility for Parking Bargains to the cliet for all claims arising from the use of this website and its materials is limited to the cost of the customer's booking including parking and booking fees paid to as per the contract.

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